Ok. About me.

image postThis is where I am supposed to tell you my whole life but... you know what? After having been coding in Tcl for so long I feel a bit tired. So I am going to simplify things and cut the chase quite a bit.

My name is Antonio Gil. Computer Science has quite naturally come to be my chosen field. At the age of 14, I was given my first computer, which planted the first seeds of my interest in the logic of BASIC and the programming of simple applications like a telephone book or an analogue clock. However, it was later in life when I decided to reinvent myself by beginning my computing studies. I graduated in 2011 with a MSc in Advanced Computing Networks at Edinburgh Napier University. I created this website which is dedicated to my Masters dissertation project . In it, I developed a Tcl packet analyzer for Cisco devices. Anyway, computers really invaded my life 10 years ago when I initiated my computer networking studies. I still find it incredibly interesting under many points of view - I love creating new designs with the use of web technologies and also like application programming. During my academic years I had the chance to learn the basics of this subjects but hope I can soon go in more depth.I have to say that the creation of this blog has helped me dramatically improve my XHTML and CSS skills. I enjoy using my little spare time painting, cooking, surfing the net and reading and studying anything related to computers. I live with my girlfriend, Isabel, in the north area of Edinburgh in a 19th floor flat at the very possibly the highest building in Edinburgh, Martello Court. It's not exactly the poshest place in town but I don't really care as I have so much peace at home and the area looks now so much better than 10 years ago as a result of the money spent by the council in regenerating the area. However, I'm quite proud to say that the views from our flat towards the firth are totally breathtaking. The living room faces both north and west sides and that allow us to witness awesome sunsets.We haven't got any kids so another important part of our lives are our cats Blanquito and Mia. Blanquito is 8 and Mia 3. Blanquito is independent but always curious and ready to play (and hungry!). Mia is a very affectionate siamese female cat. They are both toilet trained. Yes, that means we don't need cat litter mess-up. I just wish they could also flush the toilet!

Future updates will be posted in this pages, Thank you!